Water Pavillion
Collaboration with a NGO active in Cambodia resulted in this project for an installation of primary infrastructure, a water collection and treatment pavilion, with annexed spaces for community use.
Cambodia - Keov Mony // Infrastructure //tropical wet and dry climate // Climate: tropical wet and dry climate
A holistic building
When the budget is so low you can only have one building. The whole building is designed to function as a water collector and storage, but it also provides a fresh room that can be used as a school.
This village consists largely of repatriated Cambodian people previously refugees in neighbouring Thailand. They've settled and built houses but there is an almost complete lack of infrastructure or any urban or community amenities, and the problems experienced from the lack of water during the six-month dry season or from disease such as malaria caused from untreated water are serious and growing.

In response to these two essential problems the concept proposes the captation of water in its pure form - rainwater - with the construction of a large roof. This water, carefully stored, needs no o little treatment. The construction methods and technologies follow the local vernacular of light timber frame construction so as to facilitate self-building of the pavilion, although the structure could be realised in diverse materials; the same pavilion could be constructed in bamboo, timber, glu-laminated timber or steel.

On one side the large roof shelters a water treatment and workshop area, while on the other side an enclosure offers a community meeting and activity space, with a large raised deck that can be used as a stage.
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