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One of the fundamental characteristics of Jumeirah Village is its numerous, large, green parks and one of these, Winter Park, is located directly in front of the Jumeirah Park View Townhouses and is the inspiration for the project name. This is the feature that brings direct contextual quality to the project: a long park view that stretches 800m to the central lake of Jumeirah Village South. The project concept continued this green space into each townhouse, with a front garden, ground floor courtyard and roof terrace, all green outdoor spaces to be enjoyed by the residents and experienced as an extension of the park.
UAE - Dubai // Residential townhouses // 4.755m² built, 210m² per unit, 23 units // Climate: hot desert climate
I'll follow the sun
Not a single sunray enters the house. The idea is to avoid direct sunrays inside the house, since walls have much better insulation than glass. Sun travels from East to West with some inclination towards South. The concept is simple: reducing as much as possible openings to those directions. In this particular scenario, there happen to be a park where the unit faces North, so we can get wonderful views to it.
Summarizing the positive and negative characteristics of the site, it became clear that the orientation north onto the principal street and the park was advantageous, also being more comfortable as the cooler side of the house for the interior and exterior living areas. The central design concept of the Jumeirah Park View Townhouses was to create a discontinuous front façade to express the more intimate human scale and individuality of the townhouses and make them attractive.

This expression goes beyond the local bylaw as it is utilised not just in the façade but in section and plan also, linking the façade opening with the central courtyard of each townhouse. Thus a private, cool, naturally ventilated and naturally illuminated courtyard is created, and, moreover, the courtyard allows natural light + ventilation into the centre of the house, so all rooms are comfortable, healthy and desirable. The reticulated façade allows the back rooms to have a view of the park to the front of the house, across the courtyard, through windows protected from the sun.

The south façade is more closed and features solar control screens to protect the interior from the harsh gulf sun, provide privacy from the densely built neighbouring mid-rise buildings and to blur the divisions between houses. The service rooms, bathrooms, stair, secondary entrance, car parking, service connections and refuse + recycling collection here are all located here on the south side.
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