ULA Connaught
A singular elegant transparent tower of luxury apartments rises above a lush garden that conceals a myriad of facilities beneath. Concentric planning of a functional core and spacious apartments with centralised service areas achieves an uninterrupted façade. Natural illumination and ventilation (aided by the double skin) are therefore maximised, as are the views over New Delhi.
India - New Delhi // Residential tower // 11.200m² (total), 350m² (per floor) // Climate: Monsoon-influenced humid subtropical
The secret basement
Where everything happens. Most of the building’s facilities were located on the basement to increase the available FAR, this allows for a larger sellable area (bigger apartments or increased number of units. The basement becomes a perfectly conditioned space.
A glass façade in Delhi?
Yes, and it works. A double well ventilated glass façade allows hot air to be expelled from the building before it reaches the interior of the buildings. The result is as unexpected as effective.
Smart distribution
Each luxury apartment has 3 zones.
The entrance, lounge, dining and open kitchen comprise the living space, the most public zone. The lift opens directly onto the entrance hall within the living space. This area is a double-height space of 6.3m, a luxurious volume with floor-to-ceiling glazing offering spectacular views over the city.

The guest bathroom / powder-room and the laundry are centrally placed in the semi-public zone. The third zone is private: this is where the bedrooms and bathrooms are located. The master bedroom has an ensuite, while the other two generously sized bedrooms, at almost 17m2, share a bathroom.

In the two bedroom option the kitchen occupies the space of the third bedroom, greatly increasing the living area. Two passenger lifts serve alternate floors, so that each stops at just 10 floors, therefore serving 20 apartments. A third service lift is situated to the interior of the building core. The core also contains a stairway, various technical spaces and building service ducts. There are also vertical rubbish + recycling chutes, with collection points in the basement.

Apartment service spaces are concentrated to the interior to minimise their impact on the façade, hence maximising window area. The glazed double-skin is a ventilated façade which acts as a thermal cushion.

Gold mine: basement shared areas.

The large spaces are concealed underground to avoid a visually complex building and for the thermal insulation benefits, hence greatly reducing the need and cost of air conditioning.

The central space is an event hall of 175m2. The lateral disposition of other spaces means that they can be annexed to the hall according to the event’s demands. The other spaces include: a 25 seat cinema; yoga studio; squash court; and a spectacular 75ft glass sided pool, visible from the hall. A skylight along the length of the hall provides a visual connection to the garden, easily accessible. Certain spaces could have their service out-contracted to specialty operators, such as the spa (Occitane, for example), or the lobby + carport (Mandarin, for example). Other services in these subterranean spaces could include pet grooming + child day care.

One luxury space is dedicated to personal shopping. This is a booked lounge for the private presentation to residents by selected brands, who would bring a selection of their articles to sell. In addition to the basement car parking, there are technical areas consisting of resident storage rooms; a laundry + dry-cleaning service; machine + plant rooms (generators, batteries, etc) and pool plant. Additionally there is an in-house grey-water recycling treatment + water storage plant.
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