TS House
As topic as it may sound, the TS House was designed to be an oasis for his owner, a very busy and well-known man from KL. It provides privacy from the neighbourhood, a fresh climate, calm and the great feeling of being miles away from everything, all this while remaining whithin walking distance of the city center.
Malaysia - Kuala Lumour // Residential villa // 99.000m² built, 96.000m² plot // Climate: hot desert climat
The areas and the sun
Using the English Patio strategy.The house is designed having in mind the sun and the climate. 3 kind of areas are defined depending on the intended use. Bedroom and living room work as shield protecting the rest of the area while natural ventilation in used for the rest of covered areas. A huge brisesoleil/mesh greatly reduces sun's impact on the garden.
Rumah Melayu
Inspired by tradition. The design of the house is deeply rooted into the Malay architectural traditions even if it looks quite the opposite. Given the particular weather of the region it is a must to analyse local vernacular construction in order to achieve maximum result temperature control wise. The same principles are applied to make the house as sustainable as possible.
A house for one and his guests. There's one big bedroom, plenty of closet space, a library, an office area, an plenty space to enjoy the pleasures of living.

A structural shell covers most of the property with differents kinds of shades. On the outer parts it's thick and well insulated against heat and inadequate views; on the inner parts it becomes very subtle, allowing wind to go through it, just filtering some sun exposure.
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