Tornado restaurants
The configuration of the three main pieces of restaurants and kitchen was carefully resolved to offer the brassiere, specialising in business lunches and all day catering and coffee, the best gulf views while protecting it from the sun, while the steak house enjoys gulf and wide city views, especially spectacular at night. Toilets were incorporated into the building core to maintain the restaurants' floor space free. The outlay of the kitchen work surfaces maximises the privileged benefits of natural illumination, with additional solar control to protect against afternoon overheating.
Qatar - Doha // Shopping mall // 966m² TOTAL, 323 m² brasserie, 283 m² steak house club, 295 m² kitchen, 65m² foyer // Climate: hot desert climate
Focusing on the kitchen
To reduce costs a single kitchen is used for both restaurants. Given that the kitchen is shared and because the theme of the two restaurants is different, the usual solution would be to hide the kitchen to keep the illusion of the two separate restaurants. In this case the decision was to extend the area of that kitchen to include a private access dinner area for the gourmets, connoisseurs and cooking related courses.
Despite being open plan, the brassiere subtly delineates zones of differing ambients around an extruded undulating leather upholstered central bench and two buffet islands. Natural materials and light colours highlighted with earthy ochres and gulf blues are complimented by the use of highly variable lighting and ephemeral elements such as curtains and screens with varying transparency to create an elegant, spacious and dynamic restaurant. The steak house is characterised by a green planted interior wall, vegetation screens along the expansive windows, dark timber and deep coloured leather and textiles, alluding to a jungle ambient. A continuous façade bench allows tables to be added for dining or drinks. A central carpentry unit has deeply padded booth seating, of various sizes, sculptured from it.

The entrance foyer also accommodates a modern take-away meal service module.
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