Skyliving Towers
A project whose difficulty was the complexity of the conditions of the very steep site terrain, the two existing apartment buildings and the partly uncovered basement car park, added to numerous requirements for the functionality of the residents’ common outdoor spaces.
Nepal - Kathmandu // 2 Residential towers // 8.500m² + 7.600m² built // Climate: humid sub-tropical
Think twice, it's allright
It’s never too late to update a project. While already under construction, the initial project by a renowed local architect was deemed too unfashionable. We were appointed to take take care of the upgrade, which included façades and common areas interiors while keeping the existent structure.
The proposal was to cover the car park to maintain its ventilation via open façades and also to create open space as a large rooftop garden, at pedestrian entry level of the apartments. Other areas including the playground, paths and ponds were also created, and the ground floor spaces of one apartment building redistributed to locate a café adjacent the gardens, with a formal visitor entrance relocated between the two apartment buildings and therefore adjacent their entrance lobbies, facilitating entry control. The series of interconnected spaces created allows them to be semi-private for functions such as weddings on the lawn with its garden pergola, but not closed so that children can play on the lawn, in the playground on in the gardens safely within visibility of their parents or others in other parts of the garden such as the café, outside on the café terrace or even inside their apartments. The interrelation of these functional areas allowed us to adapt to the terrain while avoiding large flights of stairs and changes in level.

A perimeter path connects all the spaces and acts as a buffer zone between neighbours to offer privacy to the gardens, as it is planted with bamboo and other taller varieties of shrubs and trees. This path is wide enough for groups to walk in conversation and for joggers to do laps, and includes a ramp and staircase which connect to the court of the basement -1 level gym, where there are showers, sauna and other facilities for the residents to train and relax.

Water bodies create reflections, add serenity to the garden, and collect rainwater which, along with grey water from the apartments, is filtered and held in irrigation tanks for the gardens and for exterior cleaning + building maintenance purposes. Solar batteries store power for the nocturnal illumination of the garden lighting.
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