PPP Building
The project involves the complete renovation and extension of an existing 5-storey concrete building on a site of 6 x 30 metres in downtown Kuala Lumpur. By adding two identically sized neighbouring sites and by doubling the building height to ten stories, the area is multiplied six times to a total of 5,400m2. The concrete structure of the existing building is maintained; the new construction is steel structured.
Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur // Offices and events // 5.400m² built, 540m² per floor // Climate: hot desert climate
The sustainable corridor
Taking advantage of the older building. The old building structure was kept and corresponds to almost 1/3 of the new one. Since it’s really important to make it visible, a second recessed façade is placed 4 meters back, keeping some space for bathrooms. Consequently, the new area of the building is completely isolated (sound, temperature and views) from the main street.
The existing ground floor commercial space is retained, while the rest of the building is dedicated to rentable office space modules as a large dynamic work centre. Amongst the various central support facilities are an auditorium to seat 80 to 100 people, and two restaurants. One, more chic, is on the first floor where it has visible street pressence; the second is a bar-b-que type situated on the roof terrace. The constructive solution of a double façade creates a visible dynamic building where activity isapparent behind the glazed façades, dramatically so at night when the building radiates light, and at ground level it visibly invades the street. The circulation on the office floors occupies the space between the double façade; a glazed exterior with more enclosed interiors to control privacy and to regulated the amount of direct incident sunlight entering the work spaces. This double façade also works as a thermal and acoustic break to insulate the internal office, auditorium and other spaces.

The open ground floor is clean and inviting. The original brick façade is also enclosed behind an outer glazed façade, and this wall becomes the shop window for the PPP Building, with facilities, events, or temporary exhibitions exposed here.

This open, luminous, dynamic building with evident activity is designed to attract interest from people on the street or in the hotel on the opposite side of the street, so the building promotes itself as an attractive, modern + dynamic work centre.
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