Monsieur Jourdain
The idea was to turn the restaurant into a centrepiece of the existing hotel and to make it into one of the most attractive places in the city, to assure that it is not just a restaurant where hotel guests take their breakfast, but a place appreciated by the people of Barranquilla. To attract locals we built on what moves them: the cool; fashion (elegance, eclectic and punk rock); bourgeois life abroad; novelty; and word-of-mouth Barranquillero.
Colombia - Barranquilla // Restaurant // 500m² built // Climate: tropical savannah climate
Getting the punk vibe
Let’s talk about the experience. To attract locals we built on what moves them: the cool; fashion (elegance, eclectic and punk rock); bourgeois life abroad; novelty; and word-of-mouth Barranquillero.

We created several independent areas including chill-out, large group table and even a private luxury mirror room so everyone can feel it is their special space.

Additionally they’ve got a dedicated column at the reception where they can freely leave messages to other guests.
The cool ambience was due to saturated and dark colours with multiple reflections, highly textured and somewhat theatrical lighting. Occasional discordant elements awaken the senses, such as disproportionate images, animals in a seemingly serious environment or brighter, more saturated colours. Plays on fashion included classic textures, such as herringbone on some wall panels, frame pictures placed on the floor and generously proportioned windows. Punk rock serves as a personal touch that allows appropriation of elements, such as the two pillars at the end of the entry rug to serve as the celebrity tag or graffiti pole. A cross between a toilet door where everyone leaves posts and the photos of famous visitors made with the restaurant owner. With this in mind there is an entrance carpet and several planes or ambients ideal to pose for a photo, spaces that give an aspirational or elitist touch to the diners and that make the bar recognizable in every detail. Several details allow photos to be anecdotal, as word of mouth and photos on the social nets go hand-in-hand. Bourgeois life is a composition of these experiences that can be had at Monsieur Jourdain!

Despite the fact of the hotel having a business executive but economic profile, the proposal for an excellently designed restaurant of very good quality was to encourage visiting executives to choose to bring their clients to the hotel restaurant, not as an easy option but as an attractive and desirable option.

Diverse ambients are provided in four zones, including: 1, the fireplace; 2, the rhino for intimate groups or couples; 3, general dining area, easily reconfigured according to the demands of the occasion; and 4, the mirror bar. The later is the most flexible of all, with possible uses being as a buffet, meeting table, presentations, cooking classes, large group dining, large table for several groups for dining or coffee or a drink, or simply as a bar. The fireplace in fact has no chimney, but is a central element around which friends can group beside the portrait. It is a relaxed space that can accommodate armchairs as one likes, is separated from the circulation and does not affect other zones of the restaurant. Another proposed possibility here was a four-metre long sofa in front of the fireplace. A further zone 5, secluded behind the mirror bar, has the possibility for a VIP lounge. There is also an outdoor all-day terrace. Diverse ambients including the fireplace, bar, flexible seating area, VIP room and garden terrace simultanelouly accommodate various group types or uses; from intimate, to business, to large groups, to private business meals, to presentations, to interviews, to buffets, to coffee or cocktails. The idea was to convert this space into a prominent place in Barranquilla where people have fun and talk about it; a scene for photo-shoots and interviews.
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