Hands is a kitchenware collection handmade in Barcelona with natural materials, lead free and suitable for dishwasher, oven and microwave. As strange as it might sound, Hands is halfway between a sculpture and a functional plate, or a functional sculpture as we call it.

Hands praises the food that is served. Several hand configuration increase its range of use, from one that can gracefully hold a water-boiled egg to a longer one that can function as a suggestive sushi serving tray.

It is targeted at foodies, restaurants who cherish diner experience, hotels that look for unique details or simply for those who value special and unique objects. Hands are sold in pairs so the gastronomic experience can be shared.

A house of design with two great facets: Object Design and Architecture.

Our most casual side is reflected in the design of timeless objects that coexist perfectly with any style, while architecture shows our more rational side. We make smart and efficient projects that meet the highest demands and needs of our customers.

We do not believe in signature architecture but in unique projects. Each of our works is unique and tells its very own story.
Product details
Packaging size:

30 x 20 cm
45 x 23 cm
Stoneware, lead free enamel
Oven, microwave and dishwasher
#design #arty #handmade #foodies
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Hands are sold in pairs so the experience can be shared. Choose which shape you prefer or go for the single tray. Limited edition colors are frequently added.
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Made with love
Hands® is a highly handcrafted piece and therefore no two pieces are the same. We put a lot of effort in each and every step of the process, from modelling and glazing to baking. It takes a week to properly dry and then spends a whole day in the oven at more than 1.200Cº in order to make sure it reaches the highest quality standards.
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We are a house of design based in Barcelona with projects ranging from medium to large scale around the globe: from object to urban planning.

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