Flood Prefab units
These prefab units are aimed at the middle-class family market in areas of Malaysia prone to flooding, where the equatorial climate is hot and humid throughout the year. The 120m² raised living floor includes a luxurious double height living room and kitchen, three spacious bedrooms and two bathrooms (one of them being ensuite). There is also a 40m² open but covered living room on the ground floor, covered car parking, and a terraced garden on the rooftop. Therefore, the total house area exceeds 200m² bringing comfort and luxury to this high quality construction. Being raised 5 metres above the ground floor allows great views and privacy.
Malaysia - Cameron Highlands // Shopping mall // 170m² (total), 104m² (interior), 1000 units // Climate: Equatorial
Flooding smart
It's flood-safe. The whole living area is raised 6 meters above ground level. The staircase is open and located on the corner of the unit to make sure that the access to the house is safe and available whatever the water level is. In addition to many other safety features, in case of flooding the sunblinds taht cover the whole unit can reveal a message painted on the panels if needed, such a help request.
Quality prefab
The misleading containers. The unit's structure is based on regular 40ft shipping containers in order to keep the cost at a minimum. In spite of this common origin, the wall panels are not the same, it's a specialized structure designed to last much longer and protect its inhabitants from the heat, the rain nad infestations, while keeping the great looks.
As it is an economical development comprising 1000 units it’s important to consider the functionality of the compound. Some units will probably be used by the owners to offer services directly to the community, such as workshops for prefab maintenance or convenience stores. The ground floor space, raised one metre above the ground, will provide an ideal, adaptable and accessible location for these activities.

There are three defining characteristics of the climate: scarce rainfall, less than 100mm per annum; high year-round temperatures averaging between 17º and 35ºC with maximums soaring over 50ºC during summer, and; the Shamal, the dry desert north northwest wind that blows down the Arabian Gulf. In June and July it blows almost continuously, but usually under 50km/h, causing great dust storms, especially in July, when five or more such storms may occur lasting 3 to 5 days each. An urban park that prioritizes green pedestrian spaces. Although all residences have garage, more importantly all residents have an alternative garden walk linking the houses to the public amenities and doubling as a shared park-like area for relaxing and socialising.

The houses are modern and single-storey, with open planning and flexibility in configuration, are built with a relatively high density, although all have private outdoor spaces as well as direct connections to the shared community park. To meet the demand of the house inhabitants and to create the subsequent complementary infrastructure a recreational centre is located at the centre of the site, and a commercial centre along the road front boundary.
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