Constellations Townhouses
Veiled for solar protection but with deep courtyards to allow natural lighting and ventilation right into the centre of the homes, the Constellations townhouses bely the typical row-house typology. These 300m², 3 or 4 bedroom homes have generous entry level living areas opening onto shaded gardens, and all bedrooms have decks or balconies. Each home is slightly turned and staggered in respect to the adjacent homes, creating distinctive townhouses with even more privacy between them.
UAE - Dubai // Residential townhouses // 2.990m² built, 230m² per unit, 13 units // Climate: hot desert climate
Glorious basement
Using the English Patio strategy. The basement floor is a 62m² open area that can be used as wished. While it can remain open, it can also be divided in 2 different rooms, one including a complete bathroom and window to the internal patio which will then be used as a fifth room if desired. The patio provides the basement floor with natural light, good ventilation and even nice views. Consequently, the basement level becomes an extra habitable floor.
The Villa feeling
No more family rooms or bathrooms without natural lighting and ventilation! Townhouses are often severely limited by the plot’s size. In this case the thin but long plot (6x28 meters) makes it even tougher to get proper natural lighting everywhere in the house. Our solution extended the façade’s area significantly, while maintaining the privacy.
50% of the master bedrooms have the private terrace. This special space is efficiently con- nected to the bedroom and, if desired, can be completely isolated from the exterior using the black curtain. The result is a den of peace, perfect for the colder months of the year.

Each room has a balcony facing either the front or the back. The full sized resulting window extends the limits of the room and provides panoramic views.

Even though the design allows as much as double the window area than a typical town- houses, the privacy is never concerned. The greenery or the slightly tilted unit disposition on the plot ensures that there’s no possible direct view between the neighbors while keep- ing the best views.
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