Barcelona Modernista
Apartment towers set in a garden and inspired by Barcelona's world-famous Modernisme movement. The objective was to reference and reinterpretate this language to design contemporary apartment towers much taller than the modernist constructions referenced.
China - Various // Residential tower // 1742m² built // Climate: various
Arquitectura Modernista
An old styled design. For these towers not only the looks were taken into consideration but also the way the building works. The very traditional bourgeoise way of living was reinterpreted in order to adapt it to the new living standards. It's about great spaces and pompeous interiors, including nature in every aspect of the design.
Asian tehemed buildings
A new approach. Indeed, most of the affordable residential towers in China look pretty much identical. Many architects dare to change the rooftop in order to theme it, but the living experience remain the same. The Barcelona Modernista towers is the result of detailed study on “modernisme”. For starters, the scale of the design is kept and, in spite of measuring close to 100m, it still looks like “modernisme”, and completeley different to any other tower.

Additionally, the interior distribution is based on traditional catalan architecture.
The huge scale and speed of development of the Chinese apartment housing market have generated phenomenon such as the multiple repetition of identical buildings and the use of exotic symbolism to create design themes. In response to a client demand with these criteria the apartment design reinterpretating Modernisme was proposed.

The analysis of modernist buildings and the understanding of each element's function enabled their employment in the creation of a contemporary apartment building with the rich expression and individuality of a modernist building. The L shaped plan is adaptable to varying site conditions; the design has two principal façades, albeit street or public sides, and two more private, interior or rear façades, where a courtyard, garden, parking and loading areas are incorporated. The two lateral façades can be punctured by fenestration or be blind party walls. The façades are composed with a variety of cantilevered balconies and bow windows that bring to the interiors richness in spatial and light qualities, and promote natural ventilation and illumination. Each of the four approximately 200m² apartments per floor is distinct in plan. Importance was given to the shared spaces of the ground floor lobby, vehicle entrance, stair lobbies and roof gardens. The urbanization was just as an important part of the project as the apartment towers themselves; an aspect where the Modernisme movement was again referenced to reinterpret elements of modernist gardens. While giving all buildings direct vehicle access, roads were carefully planned to minimise vehicular impact and to avoid isolating different areas of the site. The ordination of the towers is carefully arranged to formally recognise the street frontages and to open the site to the sun, with two elongated, south-facing parks funnelling sunlight deep into the site. Sub areas are treated distinctively to create zones for exercise, play, relaxation, socialisation and tranquillity. Changes in ground level create slightly secluded areas; bancs are placed to capitalise on the sun or shade or views. There are small built structures such as a band stand, lookout pavilions, pergolas and the subterranean parking skylights.
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