Barcelona Tower
Recognising the existing local condition of some mixed use but an almost non-existent mixture of social classes, Barcelona engages the site in different ways as a solution to this problem, hence being an urban proposal more than just a building proposal, a proposal for urban renewal and development.
Colombia - Barranquilla // Residential // 32.546m² built, 40.000m² plot // Climate: hot desert climat
Vertical organisation: A building model is generated that preserves the public domain across the entire site in elevating the inhabited blocks to create securable zones and creates gardens and outdoor spaces of community or private use on upper floors for the benefit of the building inhabitants and users. Thus the rigid tower building-type is dissolved into a more cellular construction according to use, with diverse cells or uses possible in one building, punctuated by shared outdoor and green spaces. These generous spaces also serve to harmonise the building with the environment and to increase sustainability through the use of passive ventilation and air cooling techniques.

Horizontal grouping: The primary structural element is a three-sided concrete box, open to the outside, within which floors can be hung and grouped almost as inserted capsules, with separations between these to create shared interstituary spaces. Furthermore these structures are trapezoidal forms in plan, allowing them to be organised radially in groups of 4 or 5 blocks around a central, circular (or pentagonal or quadrilateral) courtyard. The proposal establishes the execution in stages of such a group.

The result is two 29 and 30-floor residential towers, 114 and 117m high. In the XXI century, Barranquilla, on Colombia's Atlantic Coast, has been directed to new projects to restore its role as strategic capital of the country. Rapid urban growth, partly due to the political situation in Colombia that generates the flight of rural workers to the main cities and to its natural attraction as a centre of economic development, demand numerous proposals to prepare the city for the processes of economic expansion of the country. A megalopolis is projected between Barranquilla and Cartagena.

The city of Barranquilla has many vacant urban sites available for growth and development. The proposal addresses one these central sites surrounded by diverse buildings of varied uses, a flat site in a popular area where diverse pedestrian connections could be formed, in addition to vehicular access.
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