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Anren Museum
Qatar - Al Rayyan / International Compound
Nepal - Kathmandu / Skyliving Towers

Great communication makes great projects

Why is communication so important? Because that's the only way to transfer the developer's expertise to the project. A good design is the perfect blend of the architect's savoir faire and the developer's acquired knowledge of the city.

We started designing for the Chinese market from Barcelona. As odd as it may sound this has allowed us to develop an important set of skills that include communication. Monthly follow-ups aren't enough, weekly follow-ups require too much time for preparation. What we do is continuum communication. We are available most of the time and we love to share. Our usual means are Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram, QQ and Dropbox. You name it, we'll oblige.

More and more, communication is based on visuals and graphics. Isn't it natural that having a graphic design team in the office we use it for our communications? In addition to that we work from the very early stages with 3D models and renders, and it's not uncommon to see the first images on the first week.

Malaysia - VArious / Flod Prefab
China - Chengdu / Guosen Securities Tower
Qatar - Doha / Project Alpha
Ivory Coast - Various / Ivory prefab
Pakistan - Undisclosed / National Private Collection
Qatar - Doha - Tornado Restaurants
China - Wenjiang / Liujiahao District
Keov Mony - Cambodia / Water Pavillion
UAE - Dubai / D Mall
Simply efficient

Efficiency is something you learn when you work at the pace of China's growth from 10.000km away. In order to exceed the expected results from a European company everything needs to be done in the most efficient way: both the internal works and the project solutions.

Internally, our tied schedule is continually adjusted to make the best of it. The staff selection process at Vilató i Vilató attracts architects from all the over the world to fill our positions; that's why we don't hire trainees.

Efficiency means getting rid of what is not needed but keeping the important. That means that we avoid topic architecture, we ask ourselves what does the client need and then we go for it. As a consequence, we often manage to surpass local architect's limitations.

Efficiency leads to distinctive, resulting in an increased brand value for the developer.
UAE - Dubai / Vista Townhouses
UAE - Dubai / Constellations Townhouses
Doha - Al Rayyan / International Compound
India New Delhi / ULA at Connaught Place
France - Chamont-sur-Loîre / Tu me manques
China - Wenjiang / Liujiahao Towers
Qatar - Al Rayyan / House for a Sheikh
Malaysia - Melaka / My Arab City
China - Various / Barcelona Modernista
Sierra Leona - Various / New Communities
Well thought and astute architecture

Regarding design it's all about finding the right questions and giving an answer. Using inspirations or an arty approach doesn't work for us, and the consequences may include longer developing times, unjustifiable expenses and rootless architecture.

At Vilató i Vilató we dedicate a good amount of our schedule to research about local vernacular architecture. Humankind has always searched for the simplest, most efficient and profitable ways to achieve its objectives. This is why its only natural for us to create our designs having always in mind the incredible advantages and tools that Earth has to offer, in order to achieve the best Eco-Architecture designs possible. Sometimes due to technological advances people tend to forget natural systems benefits and disadvantages. However, as we try to perfection our systems and know how, we have understood that the most efficient path to follow is to blend all accessible means bearing in mind that they must still be available in the future. The result is that, in addition to function, new aesthetics are created by applying old techniques to the current construction proficiency.
Colombia - Barranquilla / Mr Jourdain Restaurant
Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur / PPP Building
Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur / TS House
China - Chengdu / Anren Museum
Egypt - El Cairo / Rancho Compound
Colombia - Barranquilla / Barcelona Tower
India - Pune / Wacad Gardens
Spain - Barcelona / Tech Office
UAE - Dubai / Corona Townhouses



We are a house of design based in Barcelona with projects ranging from medium to large scale around the globe: from object to urban planning.

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